Suggestions and raising concerns

Suggestions and concerns and complaints

If we have reported something you disagree with, have made a factual error or you simply wish to rectify something you have seen online, please feel free to let us know. We will do our best to rectify matters if at all possible. This page describes our complaints procedure and how to make a complaint. It also tells you about our service standards and what you can expect from us.
How do we view complaints?
We are here to serve the local and wider community. This does not mean pleasing everyone all the time. But it does mean we try to conduct our business honestly, openly and in good faith. While we report matters that are in the public interest, and we take such concerns extremely seriously.
What you complain about?
Some examples may include:
● Factual errors about you. If we got something wrong, you can tell us.
● Failure to give you the right of reply.
● Something you find offensive
● Our service; the way you were treated by a member of our staff or a recognised freelance
● Ethical matters: the way we obtained the information you are complaining about.
● Our failure to act on a complaint once we have been informed.
Your complaint may involve more than one of these. We recognise that.

Who can complain?
Anyone can make a complaint, although clearly it carries more weight if you, or perhaps a close member of your family, are affected.
How do I complain?
In the first instance, we suggest emailing to

Please mark the envelope Editorial Complaint or include those words in the subject field.
We will endeavour to respond to your complaint within 48 hours, either to tell you it has been noted, being dealt with or to offer a remedy. In some cases, we may ask for further information and other evidence to support your assertions, if appropriate.
In many cases, you may simply disagree with something we have written and want to go on the record to state your view. In such instances, we would encourage readers to write a letter for publication. For inclusion, it would have to pass the same “tests” as anything else we publish, such as accuracy, decency etc.
Do remember, though that when making a complaint, tell us:
● Your full contact details
● As clearly as you can what the complaint is about
● How you would like us to resolve it
What happens next? And what if I’m not satisfied?